Web design Reading is an important concept for all businesses online. Mobile devices and their use are on the rise with more people turning to mobile devices for work and play. However, that does present a major challenge to website owners everywhere because their current websites might not be compatible with mobile devices. Whether your target audience is young or old, there’s a real need for user-friendly web design for mobile devices. What does that mean for your e-commerce business? It means your website must be mobile device friendly! How should your web design be tackled when dealing with mobile devices?

Responsive Is A Must-Have!

Responsive websites are ideal for mobile devices. With a website that is made responsive, it’s essentially accessible no matter the device being used to view it. However, the content is arranged in an effective manner so that it corresponds to the size of the screen being viewed on. For example, a web user viewing a website on a laptop would get the full-size version across their entire screen; but, someone viewing on a Smartphone would get the same content but in a smaller version. Web designers Reading must concentrate on responsive so that the website is viewable through all platforms and devices.

Look For Flash Alternatives

Flash was a great plug-in and for many years, it was what everyone was using and was adored! However, times have changed and while Flash can work for many sites, it doesn’t always. It might be a wise idea to move away from Flash in favor for an alternative. Why is that? Flash doesn’t help SEO a lot, and can sometimes slow down a website’s load time. When there are issues over loading, people look elsewhere. When it comes to web design Reading you have to ensure it works in every possible way, and that might mean losing Flash.

Use Larger Buttons for Mobile Features

There is nothing worse than clicking on the ‘add to cart’ button on a website on your Smartphone and nothing happens. The trouble with a lot of mobile version websites is that they are so small it’s hard to interact with them. You can increase the size of the page, but that might not solve the problem entirely. What is more, a lot of customers can get bored very easily and may lost patience. If you lose customers you’re losing money, and that’s certainly not a great thing. Web designers Reading has to look at using larger buttons for mobile devices. Check here.

Mobile Friendly Matters!

A website that isn’t mobile friendly is losing out. If the website isn’t mobile friendly you’re losing out on customers and that means money. Do you really want to lose money? You have to instead find a way to make your website more mobile friendly and that might mean altering its web design. It’s not as terrifying as it sounds and it can be effective in every which way. Web design Reading can be simple and effective as long as it makes the site mobile friendly.

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