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From Generation to Distribution – Sensei Solutions
From Generation to Distribution

The “true” Smart Grid is imminent.  The emergence of automation and intelligently designed networks that manage and control data is becoming reality.  Intelligent devices communicating - being monitored remotely with real-time data being collected, correlated, managed and distributed at the enterprise - within a configured business process framework at any level for the electric utility.  This is the Smart Grid.

Sensei Solutions: Mastering the Smart Grid TM

Providing state-of-the-art secure technology for electric utilities at any stage of their Smart Grid initiative, whether at the “vision” stage or the finishing stage, Sensei has a configurable, modular enterprise-level solution to manage data collected from new and legacy monitoring devices on substation assets such as transformers, switches, cap-bank controllers, battery banks, circuit breakers or virtually any device that has the ability to be monitored.

Sensei Solution’s platform includes a correlation engine, incorporating business process automation providing you the ability to manage YOUR business processes within the Sensei framework for escalation, planning, event notification and condition based monitoring.

Increase Utility Asset Value and Improve Operating Margin

Sensei Solutions meets or exceeds all NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) compliance standards for security, asset protection and identification and cyber security, as well as conforming to current NIST considerations and recommendations for Security, communications and most importantly, utility data management and compliance.