There’s growing pressure on web designers Reading as web design trends evolve. We live in a digital age and it has rapidly changed the way most people interact with daily life. More turn to the web to shop, chat, work, and relax and you have one chance to make a good first impression. If you fail, you lose business. Web design is essential for success and getting to know the latest trends may be the difference between success and failure. So, what innovative web design trends do you need to know about?

Top 8 Web Design Reading Trends

Here are the top innovative design trends for 2020.

  1. Empty Spaces
  2. A Minimalistic Approach
  3. Dark Backgrounds
  4. Glowing Colour Schemes
  5.  Mixing Graphics with Photography
  6. Adding 3D Elements
  7. Deliberate Mistakes or Imperfections
  8. Floating Elements and Layers

Web designers Reading are thinking outside the box. More designers are looking at ways to enhance the overall look of the site without throwing everything at it. For instance, 3D elements are useful for enhancing a buyer’s view of a product and creating fun imperfections with graphics. Modern consumers want something that screams out to them because it appeals to them, more so than anything else. If it works for the consumer it works for you.

Which Trends Should You Choose?

It depends on your site. For instance, if you run a blog, you want a nice clean layout with a dark background to add atmosphere. Then again, if you have an online store, you may want to opt for the minimalistic approach by leaving some empty spaces and adding a 3D element. Remember, web design Reading needs to work for your website; it needs to be the face of your business, whether it’s a blog or online store. Knowing a few of the more popular trends may allow you to find a mix of web design that works best for your site. Check here!

Mix Around Ideas

There are lots of great web design trends to look into for your website; however, not all of them will work for you. For instance, a lot of websites offer empty spaces as they opt for a minimalistic approach. It’s a cute idea but that doesn’t mean to say you have to choose that design trend. Remember, it’s about getting the mix that’s best for you and sometimes it means playing around with the various ideas and trends. Speak to your web designers Reading to find out what may work best for you. Of course, you want something innovative so your site stands out but it also has to please consumers and regular visitors.

Standout from the Crowd

You have an online e-commerce store but there are thousands of others just like you out there. You have to do something to make yours unique and that is where web design trends come into play. They can make your site so much more and bring you into the 21st century by putting your own unique stamp on it. Web design Reading can be far more effective with the best and most innovative design trends. Click here for more information:

Web design Berkshire needs to adapt and evolve as newer trends take hold. Unfortunately, many business owners get confused about the role of web developers and web designers. Some believe only one is needed while others aren’t sure which one to pick. It’s easy to see why confusion reigns over this issue and unless you’re familiar with the technical side of online stores, it’s easy to get lost. So, what are the differences between a web developer and a web designer?

Designers Vs Developers: What Are The Differences Between Them?

Developers and designers have crucial roles within a website but their roles are quite different from one another. Developers use coding languages to construct and program the base of the website. Web designers deal with the visual or creative aspects of the website. Both professionals can work together during the development phase or work singularly.

Do You Need Web Designers or Web Developers?

Sometimes you need both a designer and a developer. Creating a website is tough and requires a lot of hard work and effort; however, it may also require a web developer and web designer. Web design Berkshire is handled by the designer, along with branding, editing, and creating the content layout. Developers do the framework as they create mobile apps, deal with hosting and server issues, build the site, and much more. While you’d want to cut back and save money, it isn’t always possible or wise. Sometimes, both a designer and developer are needed to get the site off the ground. More details!

Do You Have An Established Site or Building From Scratch?

If a website has already been developed and is currently live online, you may just want to rebrand or update things. If that’s the case, you’ll likely require web designers rather than a developer. Designers can change the layout of the website and incorporate some trendy designs that make the site more appealing to visitors. However, if you haven’t built a website then a developer will be necessary. Understanding the differences between what a designer and developer do is crucial to get your project off to a flying start.

Developers Can Create New Mobile Apps

While web design Berkshire is important, you also have to think about the future and how you can enhance your website’s potential. For instance, a mobile app may push additional sales since it can be downloaded onto any mobile device. Designers may ultimately have a minor input over which design techniques are used but it’s the developers that do the hard work. Developers build the app and deal with all of the technical aspects.

Creating a Stronger Site

Unless you know about this field, it’s easy to mistake developers for designers and vice versa. However, both are very different from one another and they do a lot of hard work to establish a website. Both handle different elements of the site and have an important role to play within the success of a business too. Web designers deal with the creative side while developers deal with the technical side and are necessary for most new websites. Click here for more information:

As the internet continues to grow and shape our lives, web designers for manufacturers and retailers must focus increasingly on sales made outside of brick and mortar establishments.  Here are a few trends to help raise your company above rest.


Love them or hate them, they hold considerable power in shaping consumers’ opinion about different products.  If we go by the motto “you sell a lifestyle, not a product,” this hits that nail on the head.  Consumers love to see famous, gorgeous people sporting clothing and accessories that they could own as well.  Reach out to instagrammers, or bloggers with a large following and send them some free swag.  This is one way of increasing your reach while having an outside contractor basically do you web design for you. Click here!

Talk To Me

            Our homes are becoming increasingly integrated with technology and the internet.  Virtual assistants like Google Home and Alexa are revolutionizing the convenience with which we consume.  In order to be incorporated into the results of a virtual assistant search, you must utilize keywords that pertain to your product  This is search engine optimization (SEO).  What this means, basically, is that through designing site and wording your content in such a way, you are more likely to generate site visits and, ultimately, sales.

Web Design 

            Hire a professional to create and update your website.  They will have an intimate knowledge of SEO.  They will also make sure your web design is not cluttered, appealing to look at and easy to use.  Animations used tastefully can help your webpage stand out from the rest, as consumers are more likely to remember and react positively to a more immersive experience.  If possible, virtual or augmented reality has become a popular device, especially with hotels, property sales and venue rentals.

More Ways 

            Of course, we are only scratching the surface of how to drum up more business for your online company.  Here are a few more:

Representation- We live in a multi-faceted world, and our advertising must reflect that.  Companies that insist on showing only one walk of life, whether it be age, body type, ethnicity or sexual orientation to name a few, alienate members of their would-be consumer-base.

Comment Selling- When customers are on your instagram or facebook page, they can immediately request to buy items that appear in your pictures just by commenting, “SOLD” in the comment line.  This allows them to make a quick decision on a purchase without being brought out of the browsing experience.

-Speedy Delivery- Amazon has become the gold standard in shipping times.  If you want a set of Moscow Mule mugs, you can have them by dinner time.  How will your company compare to them?  While same day delivery may not be an option, customers will appreciate fast delivery times and they will be more likely to do business with you again.



These are a few ways to optimize your company’s online sales presence.  It is by no means a comprehensive list, and it is continuing to change at a very rapid pace.  Your best bet as a retailer is to hire a web designer, and someone who is fluent in the language of ecommerce to help guide your company towards the future by maximizing your web sales. Click here for more information:

Web design Reading is an important concept for all businesses online. Mobile devices and their use are on the rise with more people turning to mobile devices for work and play. However, that does present a major challenge to website owners everywhere because their current websites might not be compatible with mobile devices. Whether your target audience is young or old, there’s a real need for user-friendly web design for mobile devices. What does that mean for your e-commerce business? It means your website must be mobile device friendly! How should your web design be tackled when dealing with mobile devices?

Responsive Is A Must-Have!

Responsive websites are ideal for mobile devices. With a website that is made responsive, it’s essentially accessible no matter the device being used to view it. However, the content is arranged in an effective manner so that it corresponds to the size of the screen being viewed on. For example, a web user viewing a website on a laptop would get the full-size version across their entire screen; but, someone viewing on a Smartphone would get the same content but in a smaller version. Web designers Reading must concentrate on responsive so that the website is viewable through all platforms and devices.

Look For Flash Alternatives

Flash was a great plug-in and for many years, it was what everyone was using and was adored! However, times have changed and while Flash can work for many sites, it doesn’t always. It might be a wise idea to move away from Flash in favor for an alternative. Why is that? Flash doesn’t help SEO a lot, and can sometimes slow down a website’s load time. When there are issues over loading, people look elsewhere. When it comes to web design Reading you have to ensure it works in every possible way, and that might mean losing Flash.

Use Larger Buttons for Mobile Features

There is nothing worse than clicking on the ‘add to cart’ button on a website on your Smartphone and nothing happens. The trouble with a lot of mobile version websites is that they are so small it’s hard to interact with them. You can increase the size of the page, but that might not solve the problem entirely. What is more, a lot of customers can get bored very easily and may lost patience. If you lose customers you’re losing money, and that’s certainly not a great thing. Web designers Reading has to look at using larger buttons for mobile devices. Check here.

Mobile Friendly Matters!

A website that isn’t mobile friendly is losing out. If the website isn’t mobile friendly you’re losing out on customers and that means money. Do you really want to lose money? You have to instead find a way to make your website more mobile friendly and that might mean altering its web design. It’s not as terrifying as it sounds and it can be effective in every which way. Web design Reading can be simple and effective as long as it makes the site mobile friendly.


A few components when fused insightfully help recount stories and clarify your organization. Different components work to enhance what content looks like on a particular gadget. While it’s not important to incorporate each pattern that comes to fruition on your Web design, a considerable lot of them can possibly enhance your guest’s understanding.

1: Unique and Large Typography

Most organizations have a specific text style or typography that they use to help their clients instantly distinguish them versus their rivals. Lately, designers have gotten a bigger choice of textual styles to look over, making it simpler for brands to all the more precisely convey what needs be through typography.

2: Large and Responsive Hero Images

You don’t need to go a long ways past the prevalent distributing website to see a case of a substantial saint picture:

3: Background Videos

Recordings that consequently play out of sight can add a considerable measure to a page. They can be utilized to recount a story and fundamentally diminish the measure of other substance that is expected to clarify your business. How about we take Wistia’s website, for instance. When you arrive on their landing page a vast video naturally begins playing out of sight, and by tapping on the play catch, you get a more profound take a gander at Wistia:

4: Semi-Flat Design

In 2013 Apple in a general sense moved to level design. Basically, level design is any component that does exclude or give the view of three measurements, for example, shadows. Not exclusively is level design is less demanding for clients to understand, however, it can likewise stack all the more rapidly on websites without confounded or excessively specialized components.

Emulating Apple’s example, numerous different associations – both extensive and little – have moved to level design. Be that as it may, organization resembles Uber have put their very own turn on the style by including unobtrusive shadows and measurements. As should be obvious in the picture beneath, the cases have a component of profundity with shadows around them, without trying too hard:

5: Hamburger Menus

It’s reasonable that most websites you interact with have a long menu of choices to browse. The benefit of this is the menu can take the guest straightforwardly to where they need to go. In any case, the impediment is that they, for the most part, take up a huge amount of important screen space. The cover-up, or burger, menu changes this. This menu was normal in web applications before advancing toward web design – even in Google Chrome, you can discover a ground sirloin sandwich menu on the right-hand side.

6: Giant Product Images

You may have seen that numerous B2B websites are beginning to show extensive item pictures on their locales to feature distinctive highlights or parts of their item. This is no happenstance. There is a huge highlighted picture at the highest point of this page, and as you look down the page there are extra inside and out item pictures. The pictures are additionally responsive which intends to guarantee a streamlined affair for watchers originating from various gadgets, as we said prior.

7: Card Design

With the ascent of Pinterest, designers and advertisers alike have turned out to be entranced with cards. Singular cards help circulate data outwardly so the guests can undoubtedly expend nibble estimated bits of substance without being overpowered. By separating diverse bits of substance into cards, clients can pick and pick which articles they need to extend. This keeps the landing page feeling perfect and sorted out, without depending on a huge amount of content.

8: Short Product or Feature Videos

Notwithstanding foundation recordings, organizations are additionally starting to utilize short item or highlight recordings to feature a particular utilize case. These short recordings are incredible at breathing life into your answer, while not overpowering the guest with a long ordeal that they should sit through.


Web design is ending up increasingly famous crosswise over B2B and B2C websites since it conveys effortlessly edible lumps of data for clients. Utilizing this design on your site can help feature various items or arrangements one next to the other.

Have you thought just how important web design Berkshire can be? When you have a business and looking to set up a website, you need to make sure the site stands out. Now, it’s not just enough to have a good idea, you also need a simple and effective website. Making your business stand out really comes down to the site and how well it is designed. If you want your business to stand out you need to consider good web design, so how to make your web design stand out?

Choose Customization to Get You Noticed

Web designers want to do a good job for you and you shouldn’t be afraid to listen to their suggestions. They are in business for a reason and they know what they can do to help. However, customized web design can be a really great solution to consider. Web design that is customized can be far more effective at times because it helps to get the site noticed for the right reasons.

Keep It Simple

You can have a great website, it can stand out and you do not need web design that is well over the top. Sometimes, keeping the web design simple and effective is the best way to deal with your web design problem. Yes, you want something that’s noticeable but at the same time you want it to be noticed for the right reasons. You should talk to web designers Berkshire and say what you really want. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas because at the end of the day, it’s your business! Opting for a more simplistic approach can be a very smart solution for most businesses today.

Ensure the Web Design Is Relevant To Your Business

If you want to make good web design stand out for your business, you have to make sure your business needs it. For example, if you are running a site that deals with article publishing, you need a nice web design that incorporates good navigation with easy access to articles. However, if you make things overly complicated with web design that doesn’t really match your business needs, it can go terribly wrong. When you are using web design Berkshire, you have to ensure you incorporate web design that is relevant to the business. It will make a real difference and it is a smart solution as well. If the site doesn’t have web design that relates to the business, it might be a little confusing for the visitors.

Tell Your Web Designers What You Want

When you are creating a website you have to look at how you can make the site stand out more. Sometimes, it’s down to the web design and how well it has been taken care of. If you don’t take care of the web design, you might end up with a site that isn’t well received. It’s time to talk to your designers and tell them what you need for your site too. Web designers Berkshire can help you get the best for your site.

 When it comes to Web Designers Berkshire, there are some quality companies. And, then there are those companies that aren’t legit and where you might pay for something that isn’t high quality. This is why you should make sure about these red flags that you should avoid with an internet marketing company:

They don’t give you full ownership

When a web designer Berkshire don’t give you full ownership of the content or website that they designed for you, then you need to see that there is something seriously wrong. You are actually paying for their service and the product that they delivered to you.

This means that that product or service that you have gotten from the marketing company is actually yours. You are supposed to get full ownership. If not, there is something wrong with the company and you should not use them anymore.

Make guarantees that are impossible to achieve

This is one of the biggest red flags that you can get from web designers Berkshires. They are promising you some guarantees that you might think is great. But, in fact, these guarantees are really impossible to achieve.

They can’t guarantee you that they are going to give you the best website and that you are going to get the most views online. This is something that no one can guarantee. They are trying to make them better than what they actually are, and this is a danger sign. They can’t do business truthfully.

They aren’t transparent in their service and fees

Every time that you are asking them about their services that they are delivering and the fees that they are asking, they are trying to talk it away. It means that they aren’t transparent. They are hiding things and you should be careful of these companies.

Not only will you get a nasty surprise when you need to pay for their services, but you might not get the service that you are paying for. Don’t ever use a web designer Berkshires that aren’t transparent.

They not making use of their own service

If you have a high-quality service, you will automatically use the service yourself, right? So, if you are using web designers Berkshires and they don’t make use of their own service, what does this say about their service.

It is really bad if you are delivering a service that you don’t want to use yourself. This is a serious sign that you should start looking for another web designer that is willing to use their own service.

When it comes to web designing, there are a couple of things that you need to be careful of. Red flags that are showing you that the online web design company isn’t legit or delivering high-quality service. This is why you should make sure that you know these red flags and that you are staying away from this type of companies that have anyone of these red flags. You should rather hire a web designer Berkshires that are going to give you value for money.

Choosing web designers is not only important for your website but it could make your entire business. If your site looks its best, then it has every chance to succeed. If it lacks the quality factor, however, it might make it impossible to succeed today. That’s a real issue and one which is becoming more common than you might think. However, do you know what you should be looking for when it comes to a web designer or agency? If not, read on to find out more.

A Good Reputation

You might have already heard this but reputation is a crucial factor. When it comes to choosing a new web designer or an agency you have to ensure they come with a good reputation. That is a key factor today because it usually means they are competent and can do their jobs well. If the reputation is not at its best then it’s something to be very concerned with. That doesn’t mean to say you can’t find a good designer but usually reputation says a lot about them. That’s why more are now choosing to take a very close look at these things than ever before. Web design Reading services can be great but only when you find the most suited option for you today.

Costs that Match the Quality and Services

Are you really sure paying $2000 for a web designer is the best? Does the quality actually match what you are getting? If not, then you are not getting the right person and it’s time to keep on searching. You really need to ensure your quality is going to match up with the costs and they too need to match up with the services being provided. Paying over the odds is not always necessary or wise and, in truth, it’s not needed either. You can pay a lot less and get a quality result. That is something you have to consider when it comes to choosing new web designers. Always ensure the costs are matching up with the quality and the services on offer.

Comfort with Them

Do you feel comfortable using the services? Do you think the designer is trustworthy or do you feel the agency is holding something back? These things are important to think about when it comes to web design and you really need to ensure you get a service that you are fully comfortable with. You cannot relax knowing your web design is in the hands of someone you don’t trust. That’s why you really need to ensure you feel comfortable with the people you work with. Web design Reading services need to be comfortable with you and vice versa; that will make things easier.

Find the Right Designers

Choosing a new web designer can be important and getting a result you love and appreciate is important. Unfortunately, too many people choose any designer because they think it’s the best policy which it isn’t. It’s time you started to think about the bigger picture and what would help your business and website in the long-term and not just the short-term. Choosing the best web designers will prove useful.

Check out for more informations and help.

success. It isn’t just about finding great web designers but also to ensure you fully are aware of what you want. It will make all the difference in the world and it’s something that you have to think about. It’s easy to say you know what you want but when doubts start entering the mind you can change it all around again.

Tweaks Will Be Needed

While you have a few ideas in your head, nothing will end up perfect first time. It’s more likely that when you see your web design for the first time it’s not going to be what you wanted exactly but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t make a few changes here and there. Making a little tweak or two can absolutely help to ensure your website looks its best once again. Web designers Reading can offer a great service as long as you understand tweaks are a natural part of design.

Get the Best

It would be so simple to say everything about creating a website is easy but in reality it’s far from that. It really is going to take a lot of time and patience to get things just how you want them but it’s all part and parcel of web design. There will be times when things go perfectly and others when it goes very wrong. Web designers can really help but don’t expect a perfect result 100% of the time. they need guideance to make sure they create what you are expecting, this is how we built Crafted Garage and led to the inclusion of help and advice on things such as this article.

getting and whether or not it’s worth the money. What’s more, more you can find out so much from the customers and whether the design is able to offer value. Web designers have really become a popular service today and it is vital to ensure the right services are found. You need to keep a very close eye on references too because they can tell you so much.

Rock Bottom Prices and Poor Reputations

There are one or two things that you have to avoid like the plague and that are a poor reputation and suspiciously low prices! Now, you might think a low price is ideal but why is this so low when all others are charging a lot more? Also, why is their reputation so bad? These are the things you have to think about and avoid at all costs. Bad reputations and low prices are really quite suspicious because it might mean they aren’t able to offer what you actually need. Web design Reading can be a great thing for you but again you have to ensure it’s the right path for you at this time.

Get Great Web Designers Today

Choosing a new web designer can be important. You do not want to rush this decision but ensure you make a careful and thoughtful decision. It’s important to know what the potential web designer has to offer as well as if you feel comfortable with their services. It can be worthwhile thinking about these things when choosing a new service. Find the very best web designers today.